Investing in the right security system for your residential or commercial property is one of the most effective methods of ensuring the safety of your home, farm, garage, apartment or office. This is why CCTV has become the leading technology in protecting people’s property.


So if you are looking to improve the security of your home or business, B-Digital can provide the personalised CCTV package to suit your specific needs. We can install 4, 8,16 or even 32 way camera and hard drive system.



All of our systems record in HD, can be controlled by remote control and can be accessed via your smartphone or home computer. All footage is recorded 24/7 and can be downloaded as and when required. 

B-Digital recommends Technomate security products, but other systems can also be installed upon request.  Get in touch to find out how B-Digital can help improve the security of your property.



Whether you are looking for a residential aerial fitting or a large scale commercial satellite installation, B-Digital offers the service you require. We are proud to boast a loyal customer base built on our dedication to the job and reputation for outstanding service and affordable prices.



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